The success of Chitale Group is closely intertwined with the unified approach religiously practiced by each of the Chitale family members. Inspired by the patriarch of the Group, Shri. B. G. Chitale, promoted and established by Shri. R. B. Chitale way back in 1950, expanded and modernized by his brother, Late Shri. N. B. Chitale. The business now is being ably and efficiently managed by Shri. Madhav, Shri. Shrikrushna, Shri. Sanjay, the third generation of the family, as well as Shri. Kedar and Shri. Indraneel Chitale, who form the fourth generation of the Chitale family. The core members look after the production, operations and marketing functions amongst themselves. They are guided by a wise & experienced advisory board that comprises of Shri. R. B. and Shri. N. B. Chitale.