Idli Mix

Instant Idli Mix

We pride ourselves in retaining a 100% natural ingredient base in each of our instant mixes. To bring you that authentic taste with an uncompromising emphasis on complete purity. Staying true to the Chitale policy of cent-percent authenticity in quality and hygiene, we solemnly assure you genuine instant mixes. So you know it’s unadulterated bliss when you taste it!

Preparation of Idli

  1. Add one volume of Instant Idli mix with one and half volumes of water and mix into batter without lumps.
  2. Stir batter to a minimum extent while handling, otherwise idlies may become hard.
  3. Allow to stand without disturbing for 10 minutes.
  4. Apply slight oil to a set of Idli moulds & then pour batter into each mould.
  5. Steam cook Idlis for 15 minutes, as usual.
  6. Allow Idlis to cool for a minute or two after removing from the vessel before serving.